Athlete of the month

Shafeeqah Gordon

Residence: Cape Town, Western Cape
Sport: Trail / mountain running
Specialty: Distances between 20km – 50km
Personal Records:

I’m not too fussed about personal records and take every run as it comes as trail running course are always different. I should however make a start with testing myself on specific distances/routes (you know, for fun lol)

How long have you been practicing the sport?

About 6-7 years

What is your favorite workout?

Downhill running and leg workouts in the gym!

Do you have a fixed ritual the day before / or just before a race?

Besides getting all gear ready and trying to have a good night’s rest, no fixed ritual.

What is your favorite race / tour?

It has to be the grail of trail – OTTER trail race of course!

Do you have a specific goal?

To run my first 65km at UTCT next year

What achievement are you most proud of?

Finishing the Otter trail race under the cut off time of 8 hours.

Personal message?

Don’t stress and worry too much about the unknown. Just like life, mountain running will always be unpredictable. Enjoy the outdoors, make time for yourself and pay no mind to those who don’t support your dreams. Most importantly, don’t forget to HAVE FUN 😊

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