Ohm Trail


Ohm Trail 2022, Belgian Championship Trail & Ultra Trail Running


The Ohm, the measurement unit of resistance, perfectly symbolizes this trail whose proposed course is full of difficulties such as, to mention only this example, a 1950m H+ level over the 35km course. You will alternate technical passages, single tracks, rolling passages, climbs and descents.

However, what makes the attractiveness of this event is his track. A beautiful course that takes the trailers through nature reserves, trails that are comparable to those found in the mountains in France and its path will make you discover the splendid wild region of Aywaille as the terribly beautiful valley of Ninglinspo, varied in every sense of the term, playful and spicy... A treat just like the other places passed through: the hedge Gattes, the Quarreux Fund and other enchanting places.

True trail as hard as beautiful, the Ohm trail will make you suffer with a smile!

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