Hiddit – recovery – Peach flavour

Hiddit – recovery – Peach flavour

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Accelerate the recovery of your muscles after workout

Replenish your energy for your next training

NO artificial sweeteners or flavours

Delicious and easy to digest

A delicious Recovery Shake with easily digestible carbohydrates and fast-absorbing whey protein to recover quickly from your training or race.

Use the Recovery within the first 30 to 45 minutes after your effort. Use 1 to 2 portions according to the duration and intensity of your training or competition.


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After a workout, your body needs the right nutrients as fast as possible to replenish the glycogen storage and repair the muscle damage.

Carbohydrates accelerate the recovery of your muscles, and replenish your glycogen reserves, so that your body can quickly ‘ fill up the tank ‘ for your next training. Ideally, you should ingest up to 4 grams of carbohydrate per kilo of body weight in the first 6 hours after your workout.

Protein supports the recovery of muscles after a strenuous effort.

That’s why immediately after training, you should ingest rapidly absorbable carbohydrates and proteins.
Within 45 to 60 minutes after a training, your body has the ability to optimally recover.
As a matter of fact, there is a process of ‘ super compensation ‘ right after the training. If you were to consume the carbohydrates two hours later, their uptake could be decreased by 50% (1).

That is why our RECOVERY contains rapidly absorbing glucose (maltodextrin), fructose and dextrose to replenish the glycogen content as fast as possible.

The Recovery also contains a rapidly absorbing whey protein isolate to repair muscle damage, as well as to further increase glycogen resynthesis (1): studies have shown that the added proteins in our Recovery increase the glycogen uptake even further than if we were to consume just carbohydrates.

The protein in this Recovery drink is a fast absorbing whey protein Isolate, chosen for its leucine content and the related positive effect on muscle protein synthesis. It is also low (< 3%) in lactose making it easy on digestion.

Finally, the added selenium supports the immune system: remember, if you get sick, you can’t train anymore!


 Per 100 grPer serving of 50 gr
Energy382 kcal191 kcal

Of which saturated

0,47 gr

0,14 gr

0,24 gr

0,07 gr


Of which sugars

65,35 gr

13,36 gr

32,67 gr

6,68 gr

Fiber0,09 gr0,04 gr
Protein30,18 gr15,09 gr
Salt0,30 gr0,15 gr
Selenium55,50 mcg27,75 mcg